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CLEP Benefits Colleges, Universities, and Other Institutions

CLEP has been benefiting students who are pursuing higher-education for years now.  More than 2900 colleges and universities accept credits earned from a student’s successful completion of a CLEP test.  Those that do not are missing out on valuable opportunities to better their institution.What Colleges Who Don’t Accept CLEP Test Credits are Missing Out OnThanks to the growing use of online technology that enables students to successfully and cost-efficiently study and prepare for college-preparatory exams, more and more students are taking advantage of the many benefits CLEP has to offer.  And students who participate in CLEP are apt to find a college who will accept their well-earned credits.  Colleges who dismiss CLEP are losing out on an educated and motivated class of students who are applying elsewhere.  Studies Confirm Schools’ Benefit from the Admission of CLEP StudentsAccording to a recent College Board study,  CLEP students were more likely than non-CLEP students to finish their degree and graduate from college.  College and Universities could actually be losing money by excluding students who participate in CLEP.  Also, students unaware of CLEP or who chose not to participate in CLEP found it harder to finance their college education.  Students burdened with the high cost of tuition and other college expenses (including the high cost of books and supplies) are more likely to drop out of their respective programs.  Again, schools lose money when their students are weighed down by debt and unable to complete their degrees.CLEP provides schools with more capable, knowledgeable students who are more likely to engage in their higher-level classes.  An influx of students who have successfully completed CLEP exams opens up spaces in lower-level courses for students who need to complete general education requirements.  Accepting credits earned from CLEP testing behooves a college in two ways: it allows for the increased admission of students who need to take general education courses, and it fills higher-level courses with students who are excited about their education and who are financially capable of completing their degree.How to Become a Test CenterThe CLEP program’s official website shows institutions how to become CLEP testing centers.  You will find that it is easy and cost-effective to become a test center.  The site will show you how to best guide students through the CLEP testing process, how to order CLEP materials, administer exams, and how to promote the fact that your institution is now an official CLEP testing Center. 

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