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Chinese Lessons, Food and Music for Fun!

Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean ‘wasting time’. In fact, there are many ways for you to have fun, do something you enjoy, or relax and at the same time get a benefit. If you are a productive person who likes to make the most of yourself, but don’t want to get stressed, let’s have a look at a few entertaining/fun/relaxing activities you can try that will also nourish your mind and soul.

Play an Instrument

Did you know that playing a musical instrument can help fight cognitive decline as we get old? It is a fact that aging musicians have a sharper brain than aging people who don’t play music. Playing an instrument throughout life makes a challenging cognitive workout, making your brain fitter and more capable of adjusting to aging. According to lead researcher and clinical neuropsychologist Brenda Hanna-Pladdy of Emory University “Since studying an instrument requires years of practice and learning, it may create alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive declines as we get older”. So apart from the benefit of learning how to express yourself with music, and having the fulfilling feeling of being able to do so, you will be protecting your mind from the normal deterioration we suffer.

Learn a Language

While seeking to Learn Portuguese Manchester people know that taking up a language course will not only be fun, but also allow them to travel the world, make new interesting friendships, build new business relationships, experiment a new world, be more creative and enjoy the Arts behind this language. Doesn’t it sound a bit like an all-in-one activity? You can do all this, while having fun with your new mates, while you learn an especially fun language, as it is Portuguese. Of course, some others who enjoy challenges more try more difficult languages. For instance, when trying to learn Chinese Birmingham students aren’t afraid and just enjoy the challenge of learning a completely different writing system. Each language is a new world, and you are only limited to the constraints of your language. Learning many languages means being able to see things and think in a different way.

Try Cooking!

When you are an intellectual or your work depends on your mind, the art of cooking can be really relieving. It involves the senses: sight, smell, taste and touch, while allowing us to be creative and play. If you never paid attention to the kitchen, why don’t you give it a try? You might get surprised yourself and also pamper your beloved ones. For example, if you have kids, you could surprise them with something baked and sweet, like cookies, muffins or a cake. If you live with your partner, why not surprise him or her with a home-made romantic dinner?


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