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Preparing study to UK

There are more than 350 universities in the UK, each of which has a specialization and excellence in the areas of study to be selected and the objectives of the study.

Some of these steps can be a guide to select English as your study destination. Not difficult, but also not so easy that you think!

- Decide in advance what subjects you want to take the appropriate interest and potential in the future.

- Conduct research on university options available and the city where you will stay. Then, adjust the research results you need. Of course, it would be difficult to adapt if it turns out you made the wrong choice.

- To obtain information studies in England, the following list of university enrollment requirements can access the dictionary on www.prospects.ac.uk (Special Programs S-2 and S-3), www.ucas.com (S Program -1), and www.educationuk.org (for a variety of general information).

- Sign up better since long ago because the process is quite long. Lecture program usually begins in September, but the application can be done from 1 (one) year before.

- Ideally, you also had been preparing all the non-technical preparation, begin determining areas of study, the university information search, until the registration requirements in order not to waste time to re-do the research.

- Do not forget, pay attention to your application deadline. Some areas of study as well as universities like Cambridge and Oxford often provide registration deadline much faster than any other university.

- Note also the registration requirements such as the value of GPA, IELTS or TOEFL score, as well as work experience if required. To enter the UK's leading universities, the minimum required GPA is 3.0.

- In addition to academic values, one other condition is the value of English language ability, either using a TOEFL or IELTS, so make sure yourself, that you are qualified or have the minimum required when applying. To note, the average value of the required minimum of IELTS 6.5 (TOEFL 575), but in some areas of study as well as certain universities there are also requiring a minimum IELTS score of 7.0.

- Special conditions of work experience is required if you want to take the MBA program, which average at least 2 (two) years working experience.

- Finance / funding is also noteworthy. Make sure you have sufficient funds to finance your life while studying in the UK. Do not get disturbed and learning activities just because you think the cost of living.

- Usually, the British Council is always a pre-departure briefings to prepare students who will attend school in England. So, make sure you are there to get information about studying and living in the UK from the British Council and the alumni. (kompas)

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