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Learn Russian to stay healthy

No, we did not go crazy. You read the title well. A language does many things for you, and in fact, it does more than you think. As time goes by, we discover more and more advantages related to language learning. The latest one has to do with health.


In old age, the human body experiences a natural decline. Bilinguals appear to maintain better cognitive function, according to Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto, Ontario. She and her colleagues have studied various cases of Alzheimer, suffered by both monolingual and bilingual patients. The results were amazing: those who could speak two tongues were found to be on average four to five years older than monolinguals at comparable points of neurological impairment. Apparently, once that Alzheimer’s disease begins to damage the brain, bilinguals seem to be able to continue to function in spite of the damaged tissue. It was also found that in order to ‘prevent’ Alzheimer as well as to cope with it, taking up a language course, or learning how to play an instrument is excellent brain exercise. Just like we need to exercise all our muscles in order to stay fit and not suffer, say, a muscle tear, we need to regularly exercise our brain as well. Learning a language or an instrument is efficient for the purpose of exercising the brain because it implies learning a whole new ‘system’. When we study an instrument, we experience a similar process. The actual brain challenge is opening up to a new system, a new way of thinking and not reading and storing information like a machine.


When taking Russian classes Vancouver people explain that there are more prejudices about the language than actually drawbacks. It turns out that the Russian alphabet is not impossible to learn. In fact, when you start a language course, you are able to read it and write it in less than four months. A new language is always a challenge. When choosing to take Spanish classes Washington workers and students know that even though Spanish and English share a writing system,learning Spanish is a real challenge. However, methods were invented to make this process easier. The exercise will be done, but you’ll get acquainted to it more easily. Native Spanish speaking qualified trainers help you acquire a more native-like pronunciation while explaining the cultural backgrounds and the Spanish speaking mind. Only then will you be learning a language for real, while exercising and boosting your brain. 

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